How To Grow Green Peppers From Fresh Seeds

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Growing green peppers from seeds can be a bit daunting for beginning gardeners, but it’s actually quite easy. In this article, I’ll show you steps on how to grow green peppers from fresh seeds. I also give you some tips so that your pepper plants will thrive. Let’s delve into it!

How to Grow Green Peppers From Fresh Seeds

I will give you a general guide to growing green peppers from fresh seeds, regardless of their kinds. Hence, you can follow these steps even when you don’t have green pepper seeds to grow. You can apply these instructions for most types of peppers. 

Different Types Of Pepper Seeds To Grow

One of my most favorite things when it comes to growing pepper is the incredible variety I can find and grow. Even though this post is about growing green peppers from fresh seeds, you can use any type of pepper seeds to plant. In fact, there are a lot of pepper types you can choose from, depending on your area and climate.

They range from the mild flavor of bell peppers, to the sweetness of bananas and chili peppers, to the moderate spiciness of chili peppers… to the super HOT cayennes, jalapeños, habanero or ghost peppers.

Recommended Methods Of Starting With Pepper Seeds

For those who don’t know, pepper seeds take quite a long time to mature enough to produce fruit. Besides, they need a relatively long growing season.

In addition, they take slightly longer to germinate (some varieties even take up to a month!). So, if you don’t live in warm weather, it’s best to start growing your green pepper seeds indoors before transplanting. 

When To Plant Green Pepper Seeds

One of the best ways to get a fruitful pepper crop is to sow the seeds indoors around 8-12 weeks before your average last frost date.

Depending on your region, the exact date to start sowing pepper seeds will vary. For example, my average last frost is between early and mid May. Hence, I will grow my pepper seeds indoors sometime at the beginning of March.

Planting Pepper Seeds

Another great factor that makes growing green peppers from fresh seeds so simple is that you don’t need anything specific or unique to prepare them for growing.

There is no need for moulding, soaking or cold stratification. All you need to do is put pepper seeds directly from the pack into the soil, and then they will thrive!

A quick word of warning here. If you want to sow fresh seeds from hot peppers, ensure that you wear gloves when delivering them. Otherwise, the capsicum oils might get on your hands, leading to irritation (or worse, it can get in your eyes).

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How To Grow Green Peppers From Fresh Seeds Step-By-Step

How to grow green peppers from fresh seeds step by step
Image: Unsplash

In order to grow green peppers from seeds, you don’t need to invest in too much expensive equipment. But here are some necessary items:

  1. Pepper seeds
  2. Seedling trays with covers
  3. Seed starting mix/oil or peat pellets
  4. Water 
  5. Gloves (if you grow seeds from hot peppers)
  6. Heat mat (optional)

Step 1: Fill the seedling flats– Fill the trays with seed-starting moist soil or pre-moisten peat pellets. Then put them in the seedling flats.

Step 2: Take the amount of seeds you want to plant. – If you are using new pepper seeds, then you can simply grow one seed per pellet. On the contrary, if they are old seeds or the survival rate is low, it’s better to grow 2-3 plots per pellet.

Step 3: Grow the pepper seeds – The general rule for seeding depth is twice as deep as the width of the seeds. It is recommended to grow your seeds around 1/4 ″ – 1/2 ″ deep.

To sow seeds, you can place them on top of the soil, then gently press down. You can also make the holes first, then drop them in those holes.

Step 4: Cover the pepper seeds with soil – Fill the holes, then delicately press down to ensure the pepper seeds are in contact with the soil. However, don’t compact the soil, just sofly push it down.

Step 5: Provide water – If the soil is not wet, you should water more. It is recommended to water from the bottom up so that the seeds are not disturbed.

Simply add water into the pellet until it is just above the drainage holes or about 1/4 the height of the trays. Empty excess unabsorbed water within 15 minutes.

Step 6: Cover the pellet – Put a clear plastic cover on top of the pellet to keep the soil warm and make sure it is always moist.

Step 7: Place the pellet in a warm space – If possible, you can place your pellet on a heat mat’s top. By doing this, you can speed up seed germination. If not, put it in as warm a spot as possible. You can also run a space heater nearby. This can help speed up germination if it is too cold.

How to Transplant Green Pepper Seedlings Into The Garden

When the weather warms up, you can come across a lot of ants to plant seedlings into the garden. But it is essential to transplant pepper plants at the right time and in the right way, or else all the effort you put into growing green peppers from fresh seed will be needlessly.

When To Transplant Pepper Seedlings

Peppers hate cold weather, and they can die if you move them into your garden too soon. Even if they can survive the cold, they can still be stunted because of it and might not produce good peppers. So, you should wait until the frost is gone and the soil warms up to transplant them into your garden.

Hardening Pepper Seedlings

You must first take care of your pepper seedlings to prepare them for life outdoors by hardening them. 

As they get used to living in a warm environment indoors, without rain or direct sunlight, you need to give them a little more resistance to life outside.

How To Space Pepper Seedlings

Most pepper plants are quite compact and do not require much space to grow. So plan on placing your pepper seedlings around 12-18 inches apart in your garden.

However, larger varieties may require a little more space. Nevertheless, they like to touch each other slightly after they get older, so don’t put them too far apart.


It is recommended to grow your pepper seedlings a little deeper than in a pellet. However, don’t go too deep, only about 1/4-1/2 ″ deeper than before is enough. 

At least you should grow them at the same depth, just to be sure that all the pepper roots are entirely buried.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will find some of the most commonly asked questions about how to grow green peppers from fresh seeds. You can leave your questions in the comment box if you don’t find yours here.

How many pepper seeds should I put per hole?

If you use fresh or new green pepper seeds, you can grow one in each hole. However, if your seeds are old, it’s better to plant 2-3 seeds per hole to increase viability rate.

How deep should I plant pepper seeds?

Generally speaking, you should grow pepper seeds twice as deep as they are wide. So sow them around 1/4 1/4 – 1/2″ deep.

What is the fastest way to sprout pepper seeds?

One of the best and fastest ways to germinate green pepper seeds is heat. They will germinate much faster if you add heat to the bottom and place them in a warm spot.

Can I plant seeds from a pepper?

Yes, you can. But make sure they are mature since small, young seeds from unripe pepper will not grow.

Do pepper seeds need light to germinate?

The answer is no. pepper seeds don’t need light to sprout. Nevertheless, the seedlings will start to grow tall as soon as they germinate, so make sure you turn on the lights immediately.


How to grow green peppers from fresh seeds will become much easier once you get the hang of it. Hope this instruction makes it more simple and practical for you to grow your green peppers from seeds or any other types of peppers. 

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