Which jobs will survive the recent advancements in the Artificial Intelligence?

When Industrial Revolution started in 1760, the era of development started in most parts of the world. The labor market changed as a consequence in which machines replaced human work. Many engineers believe that the world might experience a new industrial revolution which is also known as the fourth industrial revolution and the era of Artificial Intelligence. Although many countries have already shifted to AI. This might further render human work obsolete at an unfathomable speed. A study from the Oxford University predicted how many jobs in the future would be vulnerable to automation in the near future. Here are some of the most likely jobs, do you think these jobs will survive the recent advancements in the AI?


The artificial intelligence has already occupied the healthcare side. It may not completely occupy it but will be used to assist the doctors for example in surgeries. Every year, many people die of chronic diseases because their treatments are very high-priced. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, diseases like tuberculosis or cancer will be diagnosed faster and at a very low cost. It is possible that AI will check the eyesight as well. Other than that, stethoscope is also replaced by smartphones. Ultrasounds will be done through smartphones anywhere and anytime and the results will be also easily understandable by people. Robotic surgeries have become common in most of the developed countries. They not just assist the surgeons but also do surgeries all on their own. In India, where not every individual can have access to the hospitals, the government has launched an online service where people can book appointments with doctor or even have an appointment online where the doctors can diagnose them. This step was done to ensure that healthcare services is easily accessible to every Indian citizen.


Most of the engineers believe that accounting is among one of those jobs which are most likely to be replaced by the Artificial Intelligence or automation. Already many of the tasks done by accountants are replaced by automation such as audit procedures or bank settlements and the list may go on. Computers have already replaced human beings in tasks such as data entry. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, many accounting tasks can be done easily and without any mistakes. However, that would not mean that accountants are soon going to be experiencing unemployment. The data provided by Artificial Intelligence also needs to be analyzed and verified and for that accountant would be required. With the advent of AI technology, only their jobs will become easier, and they don’t have to worry about getting replaced.


Majority of the restaurants in China have already shifted to Artificial Intelligence technology. They utilize robot waiters in their restaurants. Due to Covid, many restaurants went out of business were negatively impacted and severely damaged. Even now, as the strictness of lockdown is being reduced, people are advised to retain a bare minimum of employees on hand and not gather many people at one place. During this time, I believe robot waiters is a smarter choice and a better option. Other than robot waiters, the orders will be directly done with the help of computers without calling out a waiter. Many restaurants provide iPads and tablets to their customers so that they can order whatever they want and pay their bills with minimum human interaction. This is surely a great idea for people who get extremely nervous while talking to strangers and don’t like much human interaction. This may also save the restaurant’s money on hiring more people. It may also improve the efficiency since robot chefs produce gourmet cuisine at a quick pace. Many chain restaurants will transition to fully robot-run operations.


The future of every driver, be it a bus driver, a cab driver or even courier, is likely to be replaced by automation and may be overtaken by self-driving cars, robots or even drones. Everyone is well aware of Google’s self-driving car, isn’t it? These self-driving cars have the ability to drive anywhere and without the risks of accidents. It is quite possible that drives will be displaced with self-driving cars, it is only a matter of time. In Australia, many truck drivers are already replaced by robots that control those trucks. This saves companies a huge sum of money which they spent on human drivers by giving them wages. Robot drivers can drive very conveniently without getting into an accident. Another company which has introduced semi-automatic cars is Tesla. In nearby future, there is a possibility that no human supervision would be required. However, the main question arises that will this technology gain human trust? Will parents trust the robot bus drivers with their children? We cannot answer this question at time; however, one thing is quite sure that robot drivers and self-controlled vehicles are going to make many people unemployed.

Security guards

Artificial Intelligence has made a significant stride in the realm of physical security. Robot security guards with cameras installed in them can check buildings and do a better job than security guards. These robots also come with sensors so that they can sense anything usual around them. It is quite possible that in the future, unmanned robots may conduct frequent, dependable, and reliable roving patrols in dangerous and unsecure neighborhoods, sense and identify anything unusual and notify the security officers present in the offices or fields in real time. This will help in maintaining a security presence while also lowering the risk of life of security guards to dangerous circumstances.

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